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Where to share your Medium articles and get more viewers

6 sharing channels for your writings


One thing you will learn writing on Medium is that you are not done when you have finished your writing. As they always say “sharing is caring” and before anybody else you need to reach out and share your articles.

Sharing your article helps you get more visits not only by getting more people’s attention but Medium will help you too. When a lot of people come to read your article right after you published it, you had a better chance of curation. Medium finds your article interesting for more peoples and curate it. from there Medium takes part in sharing your articles with more viewers too.

So for these three major reasons, you need to take sharing seriously:

  • Getting more viewers
  • Increasing your chance for curation
  • Building a network of people

6 major sharing channels to broadcast your Medium articles

There are a lot of places to share your articles. From your friends and family circle to the popular social media accounts. These sharing channels I’m going to talk about are the ones I used or planning to use. Sometimes one of my articles gets more than a thousand views from this sharing. Sometimes it’s just less than a hundred but sharing my article helps to get more backlinks to my article and it’s good for SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Some of these may work for you, some of them may not. There is no priority but you can create a sharing plan for yourself based on your article subject, your base followers network, and your experiences with your latest sharing.

You can bookmark this article and get back to it, whenever you want to check where you can share your next articles. I’ll keep this updated if I find new sources for sharing.

1. Facebook groups

Well, at first I thought that Facebook is not a real thing now because personally, I was not using it recently. But when I dig deeper I see that there is a lot of active private groups.

For example when I search for my fields of interest such as Python, Laravel, etc. I find groups with more than 200K or 300K members that are sharing 20 to 50 posts per day.
Sharing your Medium articles here not only helps to reach out to more people but helps you create a network of people who are interested in your fields. it can bring you more, from a new friend to your next job offer.

You need to remember that the views you get from sharing your post on Facebook groups potentially will become your next followers. Many people ask questions or ask for help. So if you are an expert in your field or have any experiences, don’t hesitate to reach out and comment below other posts. Don’t forget to interact humanly with your fellow members in a group, you are not a post-sharing bot!

Besides related groups to your subject, many Facebook groups help writers on Medium to get more views or claps. Basically, they have some post of the day a “clap for clap” threads that you can share your articles.

Casey Botticello is the admin of the Medium writing FaceBook group

These are some of the groups for Medium writers:

Although I’m not a fan of “clap for clap” threads, a lot is going on in these groups. You can find many writers that are facing the problems you had. You can find many good ideas to write about. There are many Medium partner program members the same as you that are writing about Medium’s new curation algorithm and its changes.

2. Twitter

As a writer on Medium or any other kind of content creator, you need a network of followers. Twitter is one of the best places to build one. Although sometimes you may be judged, you can build a strong relationship with your followers on Twitter.

The starting point and the obvious one, share all your Medium articles on your timeline. A bit of advice, don’t just share the link or use the Medium default sharing option. Instead use something interesting, like a quote from your article.

Another way to share your articles on Twitter is to reply to popular tweets or mention popular accounts. Now you know that you must be careful not to spam anybody or not being disrespectful. I suggest looking into related subjects to your article and reply to popular tweets with your article as your opinion. You can select a part of your article that is related to the subject and tweet that part with a link to your article encouraging people to read more.

You can ask your friends or even popular accounts in your field to promote your article. Of course, there is some account that will do this automatically as they are watching special keywords or subjects.

Also, if you go to the stats page of your article you can see how much your article is shared. If you click on the Twitter link in your article stat page, you can find out Twitter accounts that shared your article. You can retweet that accounts or reply to them with a thank you message.

3. LinkedIn

Recently there is a controversy running about is LinkedIn really useful or not. I have quite a comprehensive profile and I have almost 3K connections. Besides sharing my profile as my resume to get a job offer, I shared my articles and open-source GitHub projects in it. It is good to share your articles in your LinkedIn profile to show off your technical perspectives and even your writing or documenting skills. Also if you are looking for a remote job, it’s always required to have good English writing skills. It’s a good way to express your skills, especially for your next boss or customer which potentially will check your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn has its own tools for writing, too. you can re-post your entire Medium article as a LinkedIn article and link to your Medium account for other articles.

Additionally, there are LinkedIn groups, which you can find for your topic of interest. Of course, I didn’t find those groups that active, but based on the topic it may surprise you. One of my articles in Python programming gets a lot of views from a LinkedIn group for Python.

4. Reddit

Reddit has hundreds of millions of active users monthly. Also, it has quite popular subreddits for writers. Besides, you can find related subreddits to share your articles. I share my programming articles in Laravel and Python subreddits.

Of course, one thing to remember is to avoid Reddit fights. Although bad publicity is publicity too and fighting in comments will bring you more viewers, but in my opinion, it’s a waste of time.

a glimpse of a Reddit fight :)

5. Slack channels

As a developer, a part of my day spent inside slack. I find out that there are slack channels for my related topics like programming and startups. I know that slack may not be the best option to communicate with your people but there are good communities for programming, startups, remote works, etc.

Here you can see a comprehensive list of slack channels in multiple categories.

6. Telegram groups

I realized that Telegram is not the most popular messenger everywhere. But it gets more and more users every day. With channels and supergroups feature, it’s one of the best tools for building a community. As it’s very popular in my area and many local communities are active in it, I searched for the best channels and supergroups to share my articles in it. If you are a developer like me there is a group of communities in Telegram called “The Devs”. You can find out group links here:

Sharing in messenger apps like Telegram will create a chance to interact directly with your network and see what they are interested in. Communicating with your other people working in the same field and answering their questions about your article will create a strong network for you.

There are many other places to share your articles. It can be the YouTube videos comment section. It can be your GitHub repository readme file. But overall don’t forget the goal is not just to get more viewers. It’s not a game of numbers, it’s about people and ideas to spread.

Where else do you share your articles?

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