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Making Impacts using Information Technology

How to use the power of sharing to reach out and grow your network

6 sharing channels for your writings

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One thing you will learn writing on Medium is that you are not done when you have finished your writing. As they always say “sharing is caring” and before anybody else you need to reach out and share your articles.

Sharing your article helps you get more visits not only…

Turn the devils in the details into your minions

Learn to restrain the devils in the details and clear your path toward productivity and shared understanding

development team devils that could be turn into your minions

No one like a software development team knows that the devils are in the details. But it is not enough. they also need to learn to restrain those devils. And if you could tame your devils, you may create minions out of those devils. …

How to write a Telegram bot that uses real-world API

A complete tutorial and source code for Telegram bot in Python for Todoist App

In this post, I will explain how to create a Telegram bot in Python. Todoist is a great tool to manage to-do lists. …

How to create a more productive way of getting things done

It is not the plan that fails, it is the way you do

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When I look at the Giza pyramids, I see three smaller pyramids that are almost collapsed. I don’t know if they are first tries or other kinds of pyramids but I always wonder how many tries before humans find out how to create the greatest pyramid. …

A Python tutorial on getting Telegram channel messages and members lists

Oct. 2021 update:
Make sure to get latest source code from GitHub repositry.
Also you can watch this video tutorial on how to use this script.

For research purposes, and to analyze the content of a Telegram channel, you may need the channel’s data in a clean JSON format.

My notes from Y Combinator Startup School lessons

notes from Kevin Hale “How to Evaluate Startup Ideas”

Last year experience at startup school showed Y Combinator that last year curriculum was too advanced. Most of the people participating in last year startup school have no idea or have a lot of ideas and they don’t know which one to pursue.
One of the reasons many people can only…

I got rejected, then I got accepted and How it will help you get accepted

Y Combinator helped more than 15,000 startups including me by mistake, and it may keep doing that.

StartUp school by Y Combinator

Disclaimer: I’m not part of Y Combinator or Y Combinator startup school and I’m not affiliated with Y Combinator or it’s partners in anyways. This post is a regular user’s experience. I’m just trying to show you how it’s look like and what you should expect.

I am a software…

Make use of Laravel features and best packages for localization

A step by step guide to implement multi-language functionality in your web projects

Laravel made it so easy to implement a multi-language website. You can implement it with Laravel localization and just some tricks. Also, there is plenty of Laravel translation packages which you can use in your project. In this post, I will explain how to implement multi-language functionality.

Creating a multi-language…

easy and flexible users permissions management

a simple guide for a flexible authentication and authorization

Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

In many web projects, we have different user roles interacting with the system. Each role has its own permission. Every feature of the system can be enabled or disabled for these roles. We can define users permissions in our codes and check if they are authorized to do the requested…

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